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Dee Lawrence

I have a lot of interests and I’ve tried to balance full-time work with those interests for about twenty years. I’ve decided this is a losing battle and I need to amp up my retirement plan ASAP.

I’m married, with two kids, which means my family is slightly larger than average but close to the ideal size. I make more than average income and save around $48,000 dollars per year (including my employer’s 401(K) match. This is substantially more than the average.

I’ve been saving for retirement ever since I was in my early teens and remember spending hours with the calculator adding up how much I’d have saved by the time I was forty — dreaming of Ferrari’s and Hawaiian mansions (yes, the rest of my spare time was spent watching Magnum P.I.)

This is why it was quite a shock to me when I turned forty and realized I could definitely retire. But, only if I wanted to live in a 1978 double-wide trailer eating Ramen noodles at every meal.

So, I’ve devised a plan that will enable me to become financially independent within five years. This plan involves two major sources of income: investment assets and income from part-time writing. I’ll be outlining the details of my plan, sharing my experiences and any tidbits of wisdom I learn along the way. I’ll be covering topics like: how to get paid writing gigs, how to improve your writing, how to diversify your investment portfolio, identifying good investments and how to create passive income with your writing.

So, please subscribe and leave a comment. Oh, and buy some Ramen noodles* while you’re at it.

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